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OC Memey Thing

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 17, 2015, 11:59 AM
  • Mood: Tired
Sooooo I nicked this from MistressHarper and due to the number of OCs it needs I'm gonna use these from my novelly thing I'm doing meaning that because of reasons you have met exactly none of these before c:

But I will say that they're literally all teenagers. Aged from about 15 to 19. Making all of this more interesting!

Choose 10 original characters! Or fan characters, those work too. If you can't think of enough, you can use characters from tv, games, books, anywhere else for filler.

1. Harmony Barnes
2. Madison Foster
3. Emily Blakeslee
4. Hogarth Sullivan
5. Jacoby Hughes
6. Kai Herrmann
7. Camille Colbert
8. Luther White
9. Natallia Laine
10. Valentina Cabrera

1. 4 has presented you with a peanut-butter and squid taco.
Hogarth... what the hell? I know you can't cook, but... really?

2. 7 and 10 are shopping at the mall when 1 runs out of a store with stolen merchandise. What do 7 and 10 do?
Camille and Valentina are out shopping when Harmony runs out of a shop with stolen merchandise.

First of all; what the flying fuck. Second of all, when is all of this happening? Is it before the transformations or what? Because really, I don't think Harmony would be running anywhere... are they in France, America or...? I don't even know. None of this makes any sense for numerous reasons.

3. You've brushed your teeth, put on your pajamas, and are about to get into your bed, when you discover that 9 is sleeping in it. What happens next?
Natallia....? Okay what. I thought you weren't supposed to go out in public young lady, for numerous reasons one of them being your bloody tail, so why have you broken into my house and passed out on my bed?

... doesn't much matter though. Thankfully for you, there are two bunks in my room. Take the one I don't use.

4. 9 and 8 discover voodoo dolls of 3 and 7. What do they do with them?
Luther and Natallia discover dolls of Emily and Camille. Well it makes sense for Luther and Natallia to be together, as they're probably the best freinds in this crazy situation, so for them to be doing any exploring about places would make sense. But as for what they'd do, Luther would fiddle with one of them to keep his fingers moving so they don't freeze {{long, complicated story}} and Natallia slaps it out of his hand, stating that because of all the crazy crap they've been though, they should be more hesitant about these things. So Luther takes note and drops Emily's in a box full of feathers. He then finds it pretty amusing that she can't stop giggling, saying that it feels like she's being continually tickled.

5. 6 is feeling out of shape and somehow obtains an exercise machine. 5 decides to help out and becomes his/her trainer. How does that work out?
Kai feels out of shape, Jacoby becomes their coach.
Honestly the first part is more accurate, but I'd have thought that Kai would be more worried about the scales on their face than their slightly chubby tummy. Jacoby would half-heartedly encourage them, but mostly just sit around on his arse and watch.

6. Make up an email address for 10.
Valentina would have something not exactly suspicious, but also related to her new abilities. fadingtoblack[at]genericemailcompanydotcom or something like that.

7. While 10 is checking his/her inbox, they receive an email from 1. They open it to find a picture of 5 and 3 hugging each other while passed out on the floor. How does 10 react and what does he/she send back to 1 in response?
Valentina checks her inbox to find an email from Harmony. She opens it, and it's a picture of Emily and Jacoby hugging whilst passed out.

...the fact that it's Emily and Jacoby confuses me. It's more likely to be Madison and Emily. Madison and Emily are pretty much a thing, and Jacoby's aro. And why the fuck is Harmony emailing the file, that's not like her?! She might mention it quietly to Luther, but not go about blatantly emailing the file...

8. 2 wakes up one morning to find him/herself in a random alleyway wearing a plaid shirt, striped pants, and a polka-dot bowtie. His/her reaction?
I'm guessing this is around the time that Madison is still completely normal and whilst she was temporarily homeless. She wakes up and finds herself redressed, and freaks out because what the hell happened to her actual clothes and how did this happen. It'd terrify her.

9. It's Halloween! 7, 10, 6, and 1 are going trick-or-treating. What do they dress up as? 4 is stuck handing out candy while everybody else decides to watch a scary movie. Who wets them self first? 
Camille, Valentina, Kai and Harmony are going trick or treating, Hogarth is handing out candy whilst everyone else watches the film.

Based on the people left there, probably Emily. Or if we're talking about jumpscares, then it'd definitely be Luther. He'd let out a pterodactyl screech and hide behind Natallia. She would never let him forget about it.

10. 3, 1, 5, and 4 start up a game of Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Who do they play as and who wins?
Emily, Harmony, Jacoby and Hogarth are playing.
YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS FITS IN SO WELL. MADISON PROMISES HOGARTH THAT THEY'LL HAVE A VIDEO GAME DAY ONCE ALL OF THIS CRAP IS OVER. Madison is watching Emily play over her shoulder; she barely knows the controls and is trying to pick it up by watching Emily, so she'll be able to play next. Jacoby and Hogarth get quite competitive, and Harmony is playing because Natallia noticed her sitting on the sidelines and so put the controller in the hands and there's now Natallia and Luther egging her on.
I don't know the game well enough to say who they play as but omg this works so damn well you don't understand.

11. When it's all over, they shut off the game to find themselves turned into the characters they were playing as! Their reactions?
Harmony states that things couldn't get weirder than they already had been, whereas Hogarth is whooping for joy.

12. It's the first high school football game of the season! 5, 2, 7, 3, and 9 are on the football team! How do they fare against the other team?
Jacoby, Madison, Camille, Emily and Natallia are all on a football team. Probably the most sensible additions were Madison and Camille.

13. 1, 4, 6, and 8 on the other hand, are on the cheerleading squad doing their best to support the team! Do they succeed? Or crash and burn?
Harmony, Hogarth, Kai and Luther are on the cheerleading squad. Oh my God look at all the failure. The only way it'd work is if they were trying to make everyone else laugh.

14. 10 is in the bleachers observing all of this. What does he/she think about all of it?
Valentina finds the whole thing amusing, but spends the majority of the match reading a book.

15. 3 wakes up one morning to find out he/she cannot speak anything but French and without realizing it, very good French. What does he/she do now?
Emily wakes up speaking french. She thinks it's a glitch with her translator. It's no real tragedy, everyone else's translators would work, but she'd go and talk to Camille about it. Because y'know, Camille is french.

16. It's 4's wedding day! Who is he/she marrying? Who (on this list) do they invite and how do they react to having to put on nice clothes?
Hogarth marries his Xbox as a joke. Everyone watches and laughs as he is making quite a spectacle of it.

17. 5. IS. PREGNANT!!! And 2 is the father! How do the two react? What about everyone else?
Jacoby is pregnant! And Madison is the father!

I'm laughing my arse off because there are numerous reasons why this wouldn't work. 1. The genders would need to be switched. 2. Jacoby is an aromantic asexual. 3. Madison is a lesbian. 4. BOTH OF THEM ARE UNDERAGE. This is more likely than not some crazy rumour Emily came across on the internet and shared with them.

18. 9 months later...
There is no child, because as I have stated it just would not make any sense.

19. 6, 8, 2, and 1 are on a mission to steal the world's largest diamond from a tall office building. 9 is manning the security station. Do the cat-burglars succeed?
Kai, Luther, Madison and Harmony are trying to steal the diamond, Natallia mans security. No, they do not sucseed. No matter how much Luther bats his eyelids, sweet talks her and claims that they are innocent.

20. 5, 4, 10, 1, and 3 all go to the bookstore. Which section does each one go to?
Jacoby, Hogarth, Harmony, Valentina and Emily all go to a bookstore. Jacoby and Hogarth are looking at graphic novels, Harmony and Valentina are hovering around the YA and romance sections, Emily is very firmly planted amongst the comic books.

21. While they are there, they see Stephen King handing out autographs. Who goes over to say hi?
Jacoby might, Harmony might go over to get one for Luther, but none of them are overly interested.

22. 6, 8, and 7 all get employed as farmhands on a dairy farm for a day. How does that work out?
Kai, Luther and Camille are all hired as farmhands. Luther does the majority of the work.

23. Everyone has been turned into a pokemon. But which ones did they turn into?
I don't know enough about Pokemon to answer this.

24. 4 has become trapped inside the Mushroom Kingdom. How does he/she get out? Or does he/she?
Hogarth very quickly becomes confused by all the mushrooms.

25. Conversely, 2 is stuck on the planet Zebes. How does he/she escape there?
Madison fights her way of the planet because she needs no disney prince to save her.

26. 10 buys a ticket for a one-week stay on the Disney cruise to get away from it all. As soon as the ship leaves port though, they find that 7, 2, 9, and 5 bought tickets too! How does the vacation go?
Valentina buys a tickets, on the ferry she realised Camille, Madison, Natallia and Jacoby all have too. I think honestly they'd all have a laugh about it.

27. 7 has come down with the flu and is also due for a physical. 1 takes him/her to the doctor's office. It's a long wait so how do they pass the time?
Camille comes down with the flu, Harmony takes her in. They just gossip about things, to be honest.

28. When they get in, they find that 3 is the doctor! How does 7 take to the mandatory poking and prodding?
Emily is the doctor! She is the last person I could picture graduating med school...

29. 8, 5, 9, 10, and 1 have been turned into babies! 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 are tasked with taking care of them. Do they do a good job?
So the following are babies; Luther, Jacoby, Natallia, Valentina and Harmony.
The following have to take care of them; Madison, Emily, Hogarth, Kai and Camille.

Camille ultimately is the best mother figure present, and she has at least one of the babies/toddlers glued to her ankle for the full day. Emily does her best but mostly deals with the chores sides of things; feeding them, doing laundry, ect. Madison and Hogarth are completely lost when it comes to handling children, they don't know how to handle them properly and Madison almost shrieks when one of them tries to take a nap in her lap. Kai plays with the kids whenever they come near them, but generally they avoid being around the kids too much.

30. 4 gives 8 a makeover. The result?
Hogarth gives Luther a makeover. This would be hilarious. It'd be a joke, he'd be doing it for a youtube video and would have subtley nicked makeup from Valentina and Natallia for it. She wouldn't mind too much though, because she would post that video fucking everywhere and neither of them would ever be allowed to forget about it.

31. The meme is over? Where does everyone's' emotional state like?
Luther's had the most shit happen to him but finds the whole thing more funny than everything, even if pretty much everyone has stuff they can now use to blackmail him.

32. Well wasn't that interesting. Now go tag a few people you know have lots of OCs. (Or a few OCs whom you would like to see in these ridiculous situations.)
I don't know, this was fun though so you should totally do this.

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